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Gibson apparent winner in Natchez Democratic Party mayoral primary

NATCHEZ — Dan Gibson is the apparent winner of the Natchez Democratic Party Mayoral primary election after some 700 absentee ballots were counted Thursday.

With the unofficial count Gibson garnered 1,980 votes to Tony Fields’ 1,795 votes.

The unofficial results have to be certified and the last of the affidavit ballots added to the total, Adams County Election Commission officials said, adding there are not enough affidavit ballots to swing the results.

Gibson will face independent candidates Richard Branyan and Phillip West in the July 14 general election.

“We are excited and humbled — very humbled — by the confidence the voters have placed in us to put Natchez back to work,” Gibson said, referring to himself and his supporting team that helped him through his campaign. “… I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for so many supporters and volunteers and I am so grateful to them.”

Upon hearing the updated numbers, Fields said he felt disappointed at losing and also grateful to have been beaten by a worthy opponent.

“I feel good about the future of Natchez. It has been a good clean race and through the process I found my voice again — and I’m not talking about my singing voice either. I found a voice to inspire people, bring hope and a new perspective to the people of Natchez. I’m thankful for the experience,” Fields said. “Dan is a great guy and ran a great race, and I have a friend for life. I’m so grateful for all of the support that I’ve had, all of those who voted for me and all of the volunteers.”

Gibson agreed that Fields was a worthy candidate and a good friend still.

“I just want to say that I am so grateful to have this man (Fields) as a friend. I am so grateful that the lord put Tony Fields in my life and my life will forever be better because Tony Fields is my friend and I’m just excited about the next race. We’ve got a little less than six more weeks to go.”